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Beauvoordse pannekoeken/Crepes de Beauvoorde: Belgian pancakes with an outstanding taste: available in foodshops

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Food.be Small country Great food

Food.be – Small country. Great food. officially launched - image by BELGA

Photo by Belga

On Jun 3 2013, Fevia – the Belgian food industry federation – launched the Food.be concept in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Philippe of Belgium and the ministers participating in the economic mission to the US. Food.be is a unique concept that highlights the excellence of Belgian food and promotes exports.

Under this concept, Fevia wants to make known that Belgian food stands for quality, innovation and diversity.

see http://www.food.be/

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The Belgian chocolates – Press Release

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SIMON MARTIN GUIJUELO – Superior Taste Award 2012 – 2013

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“Loblaw Companies Inc : full guarantee of good taste or Money back” (Canadian company)

Thanks to the 3 Golden Stars Superior Taste Award they got this year, Loblaw Companies Inc are absolutely sure that their corn fed Beef has an outstanding good taste. The jury of the Superior Taste award confirmed with their experience and know-how something that the company knows already since long. With the Superior Taste Award, they have the point of view of a neutral, independent and professional institution : all tate experts from europe who confirmed the excellent taste of the product.

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Taiwanes media, United Daily News, @Superior Taste Award 2013

BBC News Chef Alan Coxon during Superior Taste Award 2013This year’s Superior Taste Award tasting session attracted more than ever the media attention, not only from Belgium and other European press but also several Asian media, especially its first reporter from Taiwan…

Read the original article (CHT) here.

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Taiwanese United Daily News visits d’Haubry

After visiting and interviewing this year’s Superior Taste Award tasting session, Ms. Angela Hsiao, the European correspondent of Taiwan United Daily News, told iTQi that she’s very much interested in visiting one of the Belgian awarded producers. Eventually, among all the options, she chose the macaron producer d’Haubry as these colorful little treats are becoming more and more adored by Asian consumers but still little known about how they are made…

Read the original article (CHT) here.

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d’Haubry fresh Macarons Awarded: 3 golden stars for their first participation!

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iTQi Awarded Paški Sir – “Not any cheese”

BBC chef Alan Coxon guarantees. Awarded croatian cheese, Paški Sir, is not just a cheese, is a great cheese ! He proved it preparing for us a savory soufflé.

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La Prior Tongerlo couronnée du Crystal Taste Award

L’ITQI (International Taste and Quality Institute) a couronné de trois étoiles la Prior Tongerlo de la Brasserie Haacht au Superior Taste Awards, et ce pour la troisième année consécutive. Chaque année des centaines de produits sont testés à l’aveugle par soixante grands chefs et sommeliers. Les produits qui remportent un score de 90% ou plus sont couronnés de trois étoiles. La bière Prior fût également choisie en 2011 comme meilleure bière d’Europe dans la catégorie abbaye/trappiste blonde au World Beer Awards, concours de renommée internationale. La Crystal Taste Award est décernée aux produits qui ont obtenu trois années consécutives la plus haute distinction de trois étoiles. Cette récompense a également été obtenue pour deux autres produits de l’assortiment de la Brasserie Haacht : la bière Ommegang de Charles Quint – lancée début 2012 – et l’eau VAL  reconnue depuis 1989 par le Ministère de la Santé comme eau minérale naturelle.

Link to the original content [14-05-2012] : La Prior Tongerlo couronnée du Crystal Taste Award.

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